A higher CFM rating means stronger ventilation. Factors to consider include: the range size, whether you have an electric or gas range, the frequency of use, and the room size. For example, an electric stove needs at least 300–450 CFM, while a gas range will require far more suction power (600–1,200 CFM) for optimal ventilation. Also, if you cook often using oil at high temperatures, or you tend to use multiple burners at once, you’ll need a higher CFM range hood.

Note: Some states and local governments require that you install a range hood within a certain CFM level. Check your city or state codes for more information.

A straight, short duct run using a suitable size of round duct will allow your range hood to perform most efficiently. Long duct runs, elbows, and transitions will reduce the suction power and performance of your hood. We recommend using as few of them as possible.

A common complaint about range hoods is their noise output, which can be influenced by the range hood's airflow capacity. Normally, the higher the CFM, the louder it will be. However, in contrast to other high-CFM range hoods on the market, Pacific’s “whisper quiet” motor technology can help you have a comfortable and enjoyable cooking experience – with no disruption in your conversations.

When the water level is low on our TruStream range hood, the steam clean button will blink. Add one jar only of distilled water each time. Do not overfill.

When you add distilled water and press the steam clean button, TruSteam will clean the interior of the range hood by spraying 130℃/266ºF high-temperature steam onto the fan blades and interior housing, followed by a hot water rinse. This process efficiently removes grease, germs, and odors without using harsh chemicals or scrubbing. Please make sure to add distilled water only. Your hood can be damaged by adding anything other than distilled water, and this type of damage is not covered by the warranty.

Both have self-cleaning functions, but with some important differences. TruSteam uses distilled water, so no chemical cleaner is needed. The cleaning cycle takes 10 minutes. The Auto Clean series, on the other hand, uses a water and cleaner mixture, and the cleaning cycle takes just 38 seconds.




更好的吸力及更低的噪音。 因華人大火快炒的烹調方式,很容易引起油網阻塞及降低吸力,更可能造成噪音。

Some Pacific range hoods have grease filters, while others are filter-less. Here are the three different filter options:
  • Filter-less: No grease filter is needed in this design. The fans are covered by a safety grill only, and you’ll typically enjoy better and quieter suction compared to a filtered hood.
  • Baffle filter: These filters offer improved capture and grease filtration. They’re also dishwasher-safe, easy to remove and clean, and highly durable.
  • Mesh filter: Designed to filter out residue and grease. Similarly dishwasher-safe, mesh filters do not need to be replaced regularly, but it’s important that they be kept clean.
Check the product page for each model to learn about the filter type.

Baffle filters and mesh filters should be cleaned frequently using warm water with detergent. They are both dishwasher-safe. If you run them through your dishwasher, we recommend using a non-phosphate detergent. That’s because discoloration of the filter may occur with phosphate detergents, or because of local water conditions – but this will not affect filter performance. Note that discoloration is not covered by the warranty .


其實各有優點,需視您廚房設計及需求而定。 顏色款抽油煙機外表是採用瑭瓷,容易清潔;不鏽鋼款抽油煙機相對於顏色款較不易生鏽。


There are a few possibilities:
1. The screen on the side wall cap is dirty. It may need to be cleaned or removed.
2. The damper is not opening all the way.
3. There is grease build-up, and the hood needs cleaning.
 Feel free to contact our customer service team for further troubleshooting

可以用手或橡膠吸盤以順時鐘轉動燈泡,請注意! 切勿在燈泡高溫時以手接觸!鹵素燈可在我們的加州直營店或任何裝修用品專賣店均可買到。

  • 增强吸力
  • 降低噪音
  • 可使油汙不易粘黏在安全網上,更容易清洗
  • 吸鐵石吸附底板免拆卸螺絲
  • 整體升級美觀度,讓抽油煙機看起來更加現代化


There are three ways:
  1. Under cabinet range hoods are mounted to the bottom of a wall cabinet.
  2. Wall-mounted range hoods are attached above the stove to a wall without cabinets.
  3. Island range hoods are mounted to the ceiling.