Since 1987, Pacific range hood has been dedicated to innovation and refinement in the range hood industry.  Our many years of expertise in R&D and manufacturing – as well as our deep understanding of oil-based, high-fume cooking – have helped us produce the most powerful kitchen ventilation systems (CFM up to 900-1,200 ) available in the US.  

Yet a Pacific range hood is more than its impressive CFM. Our peerless reputation has been built by carefully crafting every detail to create high-quality appliances that last. We are serious about safety, sustainability, and service, and we also insist on choosing materials and cutting-edge design to ensure that our high-end products are as elegant as they are effective.  

In recent years, the importance of range hoods has increased – not only for their influence on the cleanliness, quietness, and aesthetics of your kitchen but also for their role in reducing your exposure to harmful fumes. Today, health experts recommend turning on your hood even if you’re just boiling water, due to the known pollutants released by cooking burners (especially gas).

Ready to find a range hood that truly makes a difference? Get to know Pacific Kitchen Life today and cook with unrivaled confidence and comfort.


  • Pacific Kitchen Life has created the only range hood laboratory in Asia that has been certified by both UL in America and CSA in Canada – an indication of our strong global commitment to safety and sustainability.
  • We have also earned numerous other safety and quality certifications, including ISO9001 quality certification, Australian ITACS certification, Meihua S certification, CNS certification, CE safety mark certification, CB test certification, and more.
  • We are proud to have won the 2020 Rock Award (given to product quality leaders), the SME Innovation Research Award, the Enterprise Green Beautify the Golden Sound Award, the Golden Hand Award, and many other accolades.