Quality and Dedication 

always at pacific

With confidence and trust, Pacific guarantees all its range hood products
with our unmatched Warranty Plan.
Our warranty plan is our pledge to ensure the quality
and lifelong performance of all our system

Quality Guarantee

Pacific has been recognized by the International Organization for Standardization for our exceptional manufacturing quality (ISO9001 Certification). Designed in the US and made in Taiwan, our range hoods have also received UL and CSA certification, which means that our products meet the safety and sustainability standards for both the US and Canada.

Motor – Lifetime Warranty*

The motors selected by the Pacific have passed strict certifications and are of high quality. They are by no means commercially available cheap motors. Under normal use, if damaged, they are guaranteed to be replaced free of charge.

Parts - 10 Year Limited Warranty *

Under normal use, non-consumable parts (light bulbs/oil cups/oil trays) can be guaranteed for ten years free of charge, from the date of your purchase.

Wall-mounted & Island - Three (3) Years Limited



*Covers in-home service labor in the SF Bay Area and Los Angeles only

Under Cabinet
Trusteam & Auto Clean models - Five (5) Years Limited
Economy model - One (1) Year Limited

One (1) Year Limited

If you purchase from Pacific Kitchen Life retail stores and there is a need for maintenance of your range hood, Pacific will provide professional technicians to repair it free of charge.